What kind of combined bidet toilet is best for your bathroom?

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What kind of combined bidet toilet is best for your bathroom?

With many householders feeling the pinch this year, it makes sense to nest down in your current home and add value to it through renovation projects than to buy a new house.

If you are in this situation, the best room to start with is the bathroom, because we spend a large proportion of our time at home washing and getting ready to go out to work or go to bed. One of the best ways to overhaul an old bathroom is to rip out outdated toilets or bidet units and replace them with an all in one combined bidet toilet. These combo toilets come in several different styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your space.

Closed Coupled Toilets

A combined close coupled toilet ( Turkish Toilet ) is one where the cistern is located on the back of the pan and flushes directly through the connecting point, meaning they are quieter than traditional loos where the cistern is more prominent.

Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

If space is an issue, you could opt for a combined wall hung bidet toilet, which has a concealed cistern and softer lines. Installing one of these units means you will no longer have a visible join where the toilet meets the floor, as the whole area beneath the unit will be entirely covered with flooring. This will also make it far easier to keep clean, leading to a much more hygienic bathroom.

Back to Wall Bidet Toilets

A third type of combo lavatory is the combined back to wall bidet toilet. These are ideal for smaller spaces such as downstairs loos or cloakrooms because they use a concealed cistern that is hidden behind the toilet pan with an item of furniture or fake wall, which forms a shelf behind the pan.

All of these styles of combined toilets are space-saving in their own way because they have an inbuilt bidet system. This transfers water through a small pipe that is located under the rim of the pan, giving the user a gentle clean and a pleasant way to start the day.

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