The benefits of mixer taps in your bathroom

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You've chosen your new bathroom suite and storage furniture, you've decided on a colour scheme, you've bought paint and tiles, and now all you need to do is think about those finishing touches.


Some of them, like those little decorative touches, can come later. But others, like your basin and bath taps, will be an integral part of your bathroom and will make a big difference to the final look.


There are numerous options, but basically you have two choices. You can go for the classic hot tap cold tap combo, or you can choose a mixer tap.


Mixer taps are often found in the kitchen, but they can also have huge benefits in the bathroom. For example, they are safer than having one tap for cold and one for hot.


With two standard taps, if you want to wash your hands you run the risk of scalding if the water becomes too hot too soon. With a mixer tap you can balance the ratio of hot and cold to generate the perfect temperature.


For this reason, they're also more convenient as there is no need to put in the plug and fill the sink with water just to give your face a quick wash, for example. Instead you can simply use warm water straight from a single spout.


Similarly, when filling the bath, there's no need to fill it a quarter full of cold water before adding in the hot. You can simply switch on your mixer tap to the desired temperature and let the bath fill up. Mixer taps look great too, especially if the rest of your bathroom has a very contemporary look. You can choose a tap with one spot and two taps either side for hot and cold, or you can go for a single tap which you'll move one way for warmer water and the other way for a colder flow.


Still not convinced? Well what about if we told you that mixer taps can help you use less water because you won't need to leave them running as long and because most of them feature ceramic discs instead of rubber washers, making them less prone to leaking or dripping? At Ultra Bathroom, we have a fantastic selection of contemporary and classic mixer taps for basins and baths to provide that perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.


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