This time of the year is perfect for overhauling your bathroom

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This time of the year is perfect for overhauling your bathroom

Got a mouldy old bathroom that has developed a germ-like resistance to bleach? Or a shower room that is dingier than the cupboard under your sink? If this is the case in your house, it is time to start making changes.


At this time of the year, it is a good idea to start thinking about the improvements you can make to your home in the new year. Lisa Bohrer of a US-based interior design company says the period between January and March is usually when contractors get booked up quickly, so it is best to make a few calls as soon as possible.


"A lot of people, right after the holidays is when they really start thinking about freshening up a room, a small space," she told


"Paint can go a long way, [as can] removing outdated wallpaper," she added.


Fellow interiors expert Cody Miller told the news source that it doesn't necessarily require a huge budget to completely makeover a bathroom.


"Counter tops are not a very expensive item in the bathroom. Updating faucets, fixtures, doorknobs, stuff like that is very reasonable to do," he commented.


"A lot of my customers will ask if they can do the demo work. Can I take off the old tile? Can I rip out the old drywall? All the stuff that they do is stuff I don't have to pay an employee to go out and do."


Of course, if you are installing something slightly more complex, like a ladder towel rail, it is probably best to bring in an expert. Alternatively, you could try it yourself with online instructions. If you have a fairly narrow bathroom, you will want a towel rail that doesn't take up too much space. Try the 25mm Curved Towel Rail Chrome 750x1800mm from Ultra Bathroom, which is wall mounted and suitable for central, electric and dual fuel heating systems.


It also comes with brackets and is guaranteed for five years.

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