Toilets are now used for Tweets and giggles

Posted by ilker Duymaz on

According to recent research, more people are using social media while using the bathroom. A 2023 report by Nielsen's Social Media reveals that 52% of Americans aged 18-24 use their smartphones, laptops, and tablets while using the toilet. This behavior may be a sign of things to come, as younger generations tend to set the trends for the nation.


Experts predict that this could be the end of traditional bathroom reading material, such as newspapers and magazines. Instead, people are opting to check their social media accounts and update their statuses while in the bathroom.


As a result of this trend, bideet toilets, which combine traditional toilet functions with bidets, are growing in popularity. These toilets take up less space and offer additional benefits, such as reducing the amount of toilet paper used and improving hygiene levels.


While this trend may be concerning for print media, it is clear that social media use in the bathroom is here to stay. So next time you scroll through your Twitter feed, just remember that your fellow users may be doing so while sitting on the toilet.


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