Making the most of a small bathroom

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Everyone dreams of a big home, with a huge kitchen, a spacious living room and a giant bathroom with more space than anyone ever really needs to have a wash and brush their teeth.

Making the most of a small bathroom


But it's a distant dream for many of us, and while our lounges and bedrooms may be a decent size, it's possible that we're stuck with a tiny bathroom in which swinging a cat would be nigh on impossible. Not that cat swinging is a particularly common bathroom activity, but you get the gist.


But don't give up on the idea of having a modern, luxurious bathroom just yet, as you can do a lot with that small space if you just give a little consideration to the type of suite and furniture you buy. First of all, do you want a shower and a bath? If so, you probably don't have room for a tub and a cubicle, so a shower over the bath is your best bet.


If you can do without the bath though, you'll save lots of space by fitting a shower cubicle on its own, or you may even have room for a walk-in shower if a bath is not a priority for you.


When it comes to the toilet, well, a toilet's a toilet right? Wrong. You'd do well to choose a wall hung or back to wall loo with a concealed cistern. This way, you can hide the cistern behind the pan within a piece of bathroom furniture or a stud wall, creating a handy shelf for storage.


Similarly, you can box in your sink with a vanity unit so that you have plenty of storage space, such as cabinets and drawers, beneath your sink - an area that would otherwise be wasted. You'll no longer need to line up all your toiletries along the edge of the bath or store your towels in another room.


Not everyone is fussed about a bidet, but if you feel you need one to provide a higher level of hygiene, you don't have to buy a separate one, which would be expensive and take up valuable space. How about a combined bidet toilet?


These products have an inbuilt bidet system which brings water through a small pipe underneath the toilet seat, and they're available in wall hung and back to wall models as well as traditional close coupled Turksih toilets.


And finally, worried about a bulky radiator taking up wall space? Fix a heated towel rail high on the wall instead. It'll instantly open up the room and you'll still enjoy plenty of warmth and a place to dry and store your towels.


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