It's time to fit a heated towel rail before winter

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As the cold weather creeps in you'll want your bathroom to look and feel as warm and as cosy as possible, and what better way than to install a heated towel rail?


It's time to fit a heated towel rail before winter

These stylish appliances look great and are extremely practical, and there are numerous designs and types available, whether you want one that connects to your gas central heating system or one that will warm up your bathroom electrically.


First and foremost, they provide a handy place to dry and warm your towels, although their name kind of gives that away right? No longer will you have to dry yourself with a cold, slightly damp towel when you hop out of the shower, which is a very attractive prospect on those cold winter mornings.


But what else makes these funky radiators a better purchase than a standard heater? Well, their aesthetic appeal certainly helps. You can choose from tall ladder shapes in elegant chrome or go for something a little more unusual, such as a curved or wavy design with a white or black finish.


Or if the standard ladder shape won't cut it in your modern bathroom, you can choose a designer radiator that will make a real style statement to your interior, like this Reina model for example. You can also choose towel rails in various materials, including stainless steel, which is ideal for high moisture areas like bathrooms as it will not rust.


There are two main types of heated towel rails; those that connect directly to your central heating system and act in the same way as a standard radiator when you switch on your heating, and electric models that you can switch on and off as required. Many models can be installed either way.


Each has its benefits. For example, if you connect your rail to your central heating, it'll heat up with the rest of the house, which means that in the morning your bathroom will already be nice and toasty before you wake up.


With an electric version, you can switch it on without having to turn on the whole central heating system, so if you're taking a bath in the evening after your heating has gone off, you can simply flick the switch and enjoy the warmth.


The second option is also handy if you do not have a mains gas supply and use electric central heating in your home. Whatever choice you make, a towel rail radiator can be quick and easy to install.

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