What guarantees do you offer on your products?

The majority of ourproduct comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer or brand partner, which can range from 12 months to 25 years. The specific duration of the guarantee is indicated on the product page of our website. Each manufacturer's guarantee is subject to its own unique terms, conditions, and limitations, and in certain instances, registration with the manufacturer is required. If a problem arises later during the product's lifespan, it's advisable to contact the manufacturer directly and request support under the terms of the guarantee.

As a retailer, we are responsible for providing high-quality products that match their descriptions and intended purposes. If you encounter an issue with one of our products, please contact us promptly, and we will work diligently to rectify the situation either directly or by collaborating with the manufacturer on your behalf.

We urge you not to remove any defective items until instructed to do so. Faulty components can frequently be replaced, or an engineer can be dispatched to investigate, resolving the problem without the need for uninstallation. Neither we nor our brand partners will cover the cost of refitting or other associated expenses if they were avoidable.