What Is A Bidet?

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A bidet is a type of fixture that is used to clean the body, typically in the bathroom. It consists of a basin-like unit that jets water onto the user's private parts. Traditional or combined bidet toilets are often found in homes and hotels, and they can also be purchased as standalone fixtures for use in other areas of the house.


Benefits of a bidet 

Some of the main benefits of a bidet include enhanced hygiene, improved comfort, and greater convenience. A bidet is able to provide more thorough and gentle cleansing than toilet paper alone, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as haemorrhoids. 

Additionally, bidets are often more comfortable to use than traditional toilets, allowing users to sit more comfortably and control the water pressure, temperature, and flow rate for their individual needs. Finally, bidets can be easier and more discreet than using a separate shower or bathtub in the bathroom, offering a quick and convenient way to freshen up after using the toilet.  Whether you are looking for enhanced hygiene, improved comfort, or greater convenience, a bidet may be the perfect choice for your home or bathroom.

Types of bidet

Traditional bidets Traditional bidets are basic fixtures that consist of a basin-like fixture that sprays water directly onto the user's private parts for cleaning. They can be found in homes, hotels, and other areas where bidet toilets are not available or practical. Common features of traditional bidets include adjustable water pressure, temperature, and flow rate to suit the individual needs of users. In addition, many traditional bidets come with additional features such as heating elements, air dryers, or self-cleaning nozzles to further enhance their functionality and convenience. Overall, traditional bidets are a simple and versatile option for cleaning the body in the bathroom.

While traditional bidets offer many benefits, they do have some downsides as well. One major drawback of these fixtures is that they require extra space in the bathroom, which may not be ideal for small or limited-space bathrooms. Additionally, many traditional bidets only come with basic features that lack advanced options such as self-cleaning nozzles or customizable water pressure. Finally, traditional bidets can be more expensive and complex to install than other types of fixtures, which may make them a less desirable choice for some homeowners. Overall, while traditional bidets have many advantages, they may not be the best option for everyone.

Combined bidet toilets

A combination bidet toilet is a toilet that includes a built-in bidet in addition to all the other standard features of most toilets. This type of toilet is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to keep themselves clean and fresh without having to use traditional cleansers or soap. They are also ideal for smaller spaces where there is no room for a separate bidet and toilet, not to mention the savings you can make when buying one device instead of having to pay out for two!

There are a number of different types of combined bidet toilet available, which means you can easily find one that will suit your specific needs.

Closed couple bidet toilets

The first of these are closed couple bidet toilets, which feature a cistern that sits on top of the toilet pan. A great advantage of this type is that they can be installed anywhere in a bathroom. Although they can take up quite a bit of space.

Wall-hung bidet toilets

Wall-hung bidet toilets are a must for anyone looking for all the hygienic benefits of a combination toilet, that also requires the latest in a modern and sleek design. Wall-hung budget toilets can be hung on a wall, with space underneath them, making cleaning a breeze.

Back-to-wall budget toilets

Finally, there are back to wall bidet toilets which are also a great option because they are more compact and take up less space. They also feature a cistern hidden in the wall behind them, which makes them ideal for those looking for a modern and stylish look in their bathroom.

How to choose a Bidet 

There are many factors to consider when selecting a bidet for your home.

These include: 

1. Size and placement

When choosing a bidet, one of the most important considerations is size and placement. You need to take into account the dimensions of the bathroom, as well as where you want your bidet to be located – whether this is next to the toilet or separate from it. Indeed, this is the reason that many people choose the combined bidet because it offers all the functionality of a bidet and a toilet in the same space-saving fixture.

2. Cost

Another important consideration when choosing a bidet is cost. Buying a bidet separate from your toilet can be expensive. However, buying a combined device means you only need to pay out once.

3. Ease of instillation

It is crucial to note that some types of bidets may require special plumbing connections or additional hardware in order to function properly. With that in mind, finding a bidet option like our Turkish toilets which are designed for easy installation can save a lot of time and work.

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