The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Toilet Seats

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Toilet seats may not be the most glamorous topic, but they're essential for every bathroom. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of toilet seats and make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Types of Toilet

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Toilet Seats

Seats There are three main types of toilet seats: standard, soft close, and bidet.

A. Standard Toilet Seats

These are the most common type and feature a simple design. They can be made of various materials, like plastic, wood, or resin, and come in a range of styles and colors.

B. Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft close seats are designed to lower slowly and quietly, preventing damage to the toilet or the seat itself. They're perfect for households with children or light sleepers.

C. Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet seats have built-in water sprays for an enhanced cleaning experience. These seats can also come with additional features like heated seats, air dryers, and even remote controls. If you're interested in exploring the world of bidet toilets, consider checking out our collection of combined bidet toilets and Turkish toilets. 


Material Choices for Toilet Seats

Toilet seats can be made from a variety of materials, including:

A. Plastic

Plastic seats are affordable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They're available in various styles and colors.

B. Wooden

Wooden toilet seats offer a warm, traditional look and come in different finishes. Solid wood seats are more durable but can be more expensive.

C. Resin

Resin toilet seats are durable, resistant to scratches and chipping, and can come in unique designs or with embedded objects.

Toilet Seat Shapes Toilet seats come in two main shapes:

A. Round

Round toilet seats are the most common shape and fit well on standard round toilets.

B. Elongated

Elongated toilet seats are designed for elongated toilets and provide more seating space and comfort.

Toilet Seat Fixings

Toilet seat fixings can be either top or bottom fixing:

A. Top Fixing

Top fixing toilet seats attach from the top of the toilet pan, making installation and removal easy. They're ideal for back-to-wall or wall-hung toilets.

B. Bottom

Fixing Bottom fixing toilet seats attach from beneath the toilet pan and may require more effort to install or remove.

Measuring for a New Toilet Seat

To ensure your new toilet seat fits perfectly, measure the following:

A. Width:

Measure the widest part of the toilet bowl.

B. Length:

Measure from the center of the seat hinges to the front edge of the toilet bowl.

C. Hinge Distance:

Measure the distance between the two hinge holes on the toilet.


A comfortable and functional toilet seat is essential for any bathroom. By understanding the different types, materials, shapes, and fixings, you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect toilet seat for your needs. Always remember to measure your toilet accurately before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit.

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