Choosing the Perfect Tap for Your Combined Bidet Toilet

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When investing in a modern bathroom upgrade, the combined bidet toilet is a luxurious choice many homeowners are making. However, to accentuate its aesthetic and functionality, the tap you select plays a significant role. Here's a guide to help you decide on the best fit for your space.

1. Connection Type: Exposed or Concealed?

Your choice between exposed or concealed fitting taps can redefine your bathroom's look.

  • Exposed Fitting: Here, the connection pipe or hose is visible, running from the tap to the toilet. This gives a more traditional appearance and is the type that usually comes with our combined bidet toilets as standard.
  • Concealed Fitting: For those who love a minimalist and sleek look, concealed fitting is the way to go. The pipework is cleverly hidden behind the wall or unit, ensuring a neat finish. With this option, the visual focus remains on the tap and the toilet pan, offering a clean and uncluttered appearance. It's an aesthetic you'll commonly find in our modern range of Turkish toilets and wall-hung bidet toilets.

2. Tap Design: Round or Square?

Regardless of the connection type you choose, both designs come in two shapes:

  • Exposed round on/off tap
  • Exposed square on/off tap
  • Concealed round on/off tap
  • Concealed square on/off tap

Choose the design that seamlessly blends with your bathroom’s style, whether you're aiming for a more classic look or a contemporary one. Don't forget to check our back-to-wall bidet toilets for some inspiration!

3. Seeking Warmth? The Thermostatic Valve

If you fancy a dash of luxury and comfort, consider the thermostatic valve. This concealed fitting option not only elevates your bathroom's sophistication but also lets you control the bidet's water temperature. With a numeric controller, adjust the warmth from cool summer breezes to cozy winter evenings. Plus, for more convenience, dive into our collection of bidet toilet accessories for other upgrades.

In conclusion, your bathroom is an intimate space, deserving of a touch of elegance and functionality. So, when selecting fixtures, ensure they mirror your style and offer the comfort you seek. Happy remodeling!

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