What are Tap options for Combined Bidet Toilet?

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Your combined bidet toilet comes with exposed round on/off valve as standard. However, there are other tap options available.  First of all, you need to decide connection type;  Exposed or Concealed fitting? In the exposed fitting, connection pipe/hose will be visible from tap to toilet. In concealed fitting, all pipe work will be hidden behind the wall/unit. It is a wise choice to have concealed type of taps, if you like nice and clean finish. As all pipe work will be behind wall, all you would see is on/off tap and the pan.  Each connection type has round and square models, which you can select your desired type of on/off tap.

  • Exposed round on/off tap ( comes as standard )
  • Exposed square on/off tap
  • Concealed round on/off tap
  • Concealed square on/off tap

There is also thermostatic valve available, for who would like to have warmer water in bidet function. The valve itself has numeric controller which allows you to set to temperature on desired level. The temperature can be change from summer to winter.  

  • Thermostatic valve ( Concealed fitting )

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