What is Combined Bidet Toilet?

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Bidet toilets are widely used around the world and becoming very popular in the Europe. 80 million people in Turkey alone use this bidet toilet as standard. If you have been to Turkey, you probably used one of these bidet toilets and enjoyed the comfort.  It is also available in many modern countries like; US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and some Middle East countries. Recently, It is also becoming quite popular within west Europe countries like Germany, France, Sweden etc. 

It is basically a standard toilet with a built in bidet nozzle inside the rim area. It fits as normal toilet and the bidet nozzle is connected to water feed from back of the pan. You need an on/off tap to control water in the bidet nozzle.  The tap itself can be located on wall or unit, wherever is convenient for the user. The thermostatic valve is also available to have warmer water from bidet nozzle.

Please note; the nozzle itself allows some adjustment which let user to change direction of water up or down & side to side.

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